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Proclad was established 40 years ago in Scotland and today is the world leader in providing corrosion resistant alloy solutions including weld clad overlay and mechanically bonded lined pipe, clad fittings, clad flanges, vessels, and well-head components, in addition to offering services such as pipe fabrication, protective spray coating, induction bending, and heat treatment. Our clad manufacturing units produce internally clad produce, by weld overlay deposit. All of our weld overlay equipment is automated and custom designed. Continuous technology reviews help improve our efficiency resulting in faster production times, improved quality, and cost savings.

Other Proclad Group services range from butt welding, including 3D and 5D pipe bends, to CNC machining of oil field equipment. Site pipe welding services provide our clients with flexibility in fulfilling their project needs. We also offer valve refurbishment and valve repair services. In addition, shop pipe/spool fabrication and site welding rounds out our comprehensive menu of services. From base materials to sourcing product manufacture to final site installation, we offer total project management.

Proclad Group utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, which has been tested to improve time and cost efficiency while also improving quality. Ongoing refinement of the company’s pipe fabrication and cladding processes helps further enhance its services and products and helps the company develop comprehensive in-house solutions for its clients. Whether the project calls for induction bending, cladding, valve repair, weld overlay, spool fabrication, site welding or any one of Proclad’s other services, Proclad will assume project management to ensure efficiency and a high-quality result. For unmatched expertise in the fabrication of pipe, cladding, and heat treatment, choose Proclad.